Welcome to Our Baby Unit 


 Our baby unit is registered for 10 children aged between 0 and 2 years. We work on a ratio of 1 adult to every 3 children, all our nursery practitioners are fully qualified and trained in the development of children under 3 and have been DBS cleared.

 We aim to follow your child’s home routine for feeding and sleeping, to ensure that separation from you and your child is made with as much ease as possible. The nursery operates a settling in period, where you and your child can come into the nursery and play and chat with the staff about your needs and wants. This settling in period is flexible to your needs.

 We provide sensitive care, which responds to the child’s growing understanding and emotional needs, therefore helping to build secure relationships with their key persons. We provide regular, though flexible routines to help the children to gain a sense of order in the world and anticipate events. Children are given new experiences according to their individual needs. Encouraging learning through their senses, as well as providing a stimulating and challenging environment in a homely, caring atmosphere.

 Babies are allocated a key person who will be responsible for the care and development of your child during their stay within the baby unit. Your babies’ key person will be responsible for completing their learning journeys with photos and observations, which are used to plan for your child’s individual needs. Parents are asked to provide nappies, wipes and any lotions that your child may use.

 Each baby will have a daily diary where details of your child’s day will be written along with any comments.  The environment is relaxed and homely, with a routine which is flexible according to the individual child’s ability and needs. We take into account your child’s routine within the home and ensure that this is closely followed according to carer’s wishes.

 We aim to provide a safe and interesting environment, with age appropriate resources, which help to develop children’s curiosity, co-ordination and physical abilities. This is a time when children can start the beginnings of self-control and how to relate to other people. We aim to encourage your child’s communication skills and help them to express their needs and feelings. We provide play activities that involve exploration and encourage problem solving through imaginative and creative interactions.